Turn on 2-Step Verification for Your Gmail Account

Secure Gmail effectively with your mobile device. When you sign in Gmail account, Google sends you a verification code. Without this code, you can’t login Gmail.

This guide will help you secure Gmail better. After enabling this setting, each time you sign in Gmail, your phone will receive a message containing a verification code from Gmail. So If you do not have this verification code, you will not be able to sign in to Gmail.

Turn on 2-step verification for Gmail:

First, visit the following link: https://www.google.com/settings/security

Go to Password and Sign-In method, Click on 2-step Verification:

Choose GET STARTED to protect your account with 2-Step Verification.

Gmail will ask you to sign in Gmail again, re-enter your account as normal.

In this section, Gmail will ask you to enter the phone number used to receive the verification code, which is also the account number used to secure your account. Gmail will verify in one of two ways: text message and phone call. You choose then click Next.

Gmail will send a verification code to the phone number you entered above. You enter that code in the next step.

Enter your code and click Next to continue. Or, if you have not received a verification code, please click on the Retake button to have Gmail re-send your verification code.

Click Turn on at the bottom of the screen to enable 2-step verification for your Gmail account.

As you see below, you have completed the 2-step verification for Gmail:

If you do not want to ever sign in to Gmail, you must also enter a confirmation code, you can select GOOGLE MORE, then follow the instructions on the screen to get a notification from Google on your phone and sign in once. touch. Or, during the Gmail login process, if you are using a personal computer, please check Don’t ask again on this computer, check the option to not enter the confirmation code again. Be sure to select this option only if you are using a machine in a safe environment.

From now on, when you sign in to Gmail on any computer, you’ll receive a verification code sent to your phone, only when you enter that verification code will you be able to sign in Gmail.

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