How to block email advertising, spam in Gmail, Outlook

Gmail and Outlook are the two most used email services today. In just a few steps you will be able to get an easy email account to use in exchange for work or friends.

And email is very powerful development, this is also a tool to advertise, mass spam to popularize, reach in the marketing campaign of the unit. Therefore, the amount of spam, spam email from the ads, spam is extremely large.

With the amount of advertising via email development thrive, the pull to your mail will continue to receive spam messages, spam messages, ads that inhibit the continuous check your mail.

So to solve this situation, I will guide you how to block advertising emails, spam in the two major mail services are Gmail and Outlook web-based.

How to block email advertising, spam in Gmail and Outlook Mail

Each email service has different operating modes, interfaces and features, so we will guide each service separately.

How to block email in Gmail

– To block email in Gmail, first go to the mailbox at https: //

– Please open an email ad, the spam you want to block

– Look at the right of the email, there will be an arrow pointing down, click on it to drop the options:

Select the Block option, for example here is “Block Toluna”

– A dialog appears to confirm email blocking:

Select Block

– And you will receive a notification that emails from this address will be moved to Spam

email chan

Done blocking email in Gmail. Now migrate to Outlook.

How to Sign in Gmail account?

How to block email in Outlook

– First go to https: // and log in to your Outlook account

– Look right, next to Account, there is gear icon, please click on it:

– In the Preventing junk email, select Safe and blocked senders:

– Select the Blocked senders option to add blocked people to:

For Blocked email address or domain, add the email you want to block or spam here

Once added, click on Add to list to add the email address to the blocked list

Blocked senders are blocked

– To remove an address from the spam list just select and select the Remove from list option.

Then, after doing the above, the email will not send mail to you anymore. You can block email to filter spam for your mail.

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