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Changing your Gmail password is the safest way to keep your account secure. If you know someone else’s Gmail password or are suspicious of someone signing in to your Gmail account, changing your Gmail password is a good idea.

As suggested by Google (Gmail owner), you should change your password approximately every 2 to 3 months to protect all Google applications. Gmail is now the most popular and free email service. One person can own as many Gmail accounts as he likes through his personal Google Account.

Notes to know before change Gmail password

  • Changing your Gmail password means that Google-related accounts like YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive, Google Plus, etc. will also change.
  • When entering the password should turn off Caps Lock.
  • As long as the password is secure, the password should have enough uppercase, lowercase, number and special characters.
  • Do not reuse your Google Account password
  • Changing your password will sign you out of all devices, including your phone. You will need to enter a new password on all your devices to login Gmail.

Change Gmail password on Computer

Many people use only one password when setting up their Gmail account. The thing is extremely dangerous because you are likely to be hacking accounts. If you find that your Gmail account is using a password that is not really secure, it is best to change your Gmail password. The following article will help you how to change your Gmail password.

Step 1:

You first need to login Gmail account on your computer. At this interface, click the gear icon and select Settings.

Step 2:

Then click on Accounts and Import in the options bar in this interface.

You look at the content under Change account settings, the user clicks on Change Password.

Step 3:

You will then be taken to the new interface and you will need to enter your current password to sign in Gmail account. Click Next to switch to the next interface.

Step 4:

Switch to the Password interface to change the new password for Gmail. Here, enter the new password at New password.

Your Gmail password needs to be at least 8 characters and you can check the strength or medium strength of the password strength. You can click the eye icon to hide or show the password instead of the circular character.

Then enter the correct password at the Confirm new password.

Finally, click Change password below to proceed to change Gmail password.

Changing Gmail passwords frequently, using unpredictable characters in the password range, also limits Gmail hacking. Adding a phone number to your Gmail account is also very important, as it can increase your security, and you can get your Gmail account through your phone number.

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