How to create Gmail signature

This article will guide you how to create a Gmail signature to give others some information about you such as full name, where they are doing, how to contact them, what they are doing …

What is Gmail?

At the present time, no one is familiar with Google, so many people choose Google Mail or shorter than Gmail as their mail address. When you sign up Gmail, you can attach a file up to 25MB in size, which is very high, and the Gmail interface has many customizations to make it easier for people to manage.

And as mentioned at the beginning of this article, to give your Gmail contacts more information about you, the easiest thing to do is to create a Gmail signature, and it will automatically appear at the end of each post. your email. In this article, Gmail support will guide you to install and use the Gmail signature.

How to create a Gmail 2018 signature

#1: To create a Gmail signature, first sign in Gmail.

#2: In the top right, click Settings >Settings.

#3: In the Settings interface, scroll down to the Signature section:

  • Here you will add your signature, note that you can use the format tools available easily. But here I will not use the format available.

#4: After editing your signature, you drag down the bottom of the page, and click Save Changes.




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