How to delete all email of a sender on Gmail?

After a period of use, your Gmail memory is filled up with hundreds, thousands of emails sent to. With reading emails you do not need to use, you can delete them to store new emails and important emails. Especially if you regularly receive email from a particular user, you can filter emails received from this user for deletion at the same time, one less work to find each email and delete one by one.

In this article, we will show you how to delete email from a user, delete Gmail emails by keywords in the simplest way. You can also use this way to delete thousands of spam mail in Gmail easily, without much effort.

1. Delete all emails from specific senders on Gmail

  • First sign in Gmail, then click the aliasing icon in the top right corner to select Settings.

  • Next, on the Settings interface, click Filter and block addresses, and then click Create a new filter.

  • On the popup filter window, enter the email address of the sender that you want to delete the message from the From box and enter the To: box, and then click the blue search icon.

  • ¬†At this time, the screen will display a list of all emails from the sender with the email address you entered above.

Just select all the emails you want to delete and click the Trash icon to delete the emails.

2. Delete Gmail emails on multiple pages at once

Gmail limits display only 100 emails per page. Suppose in case if you have 500 emails, these emails will show on 5 different pages. To select and delete 500 emails at the same time, first select the check box Select in the top right corner.

At this point you will see the message on the screen that says “All 100 conversations on this page are selected.”

To select all 500 emails, click Select all conversation that matches this search.


Finally click the trash can icon to delete all 500 emails.

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