How to Add, delete, change phone number in Gmail

Using phone numbers in Gmail is not only secure, but it’s also easy to retrieve your Gmail password when you accidentally forget your password. In the process of using, we can change the phone number as you like delete numbers, add or change other phone numbers in Gmail. Your network administrator will walk you through the steps to set up your phone number in Gmail.

1. How to add a phone number in Gmail

Step 1:

First, you sign into your Gmail account.

Step 2:

Click the avatar and select My Account.

Step 3:

In the Personal Information and Privacy section, select Personal Information.

Step 4:

In the Phone section, click Add phone number to help secure your account.

Step 5:

Click Add a recovery phone number. Enter the password if required. Enter your phone number in the box and press Confirm.

Step 6:

Click Get Code. After Google sends the code to the phone enter the code into the frame and press Confirm, to complete the set up additional phone number for Gmail.

2. How to change Gmail recovery phone number

Follow the steps below to change the phone number you have set up in Gmail.

Step 1:

Follow steps 1 through 4 as adding a phone number to Gmail. Since you already have a phone number, click on the pencil icon to change it.

Step 2:

Click Update Phone Number to change the new number.

Step 3:

Enter the new phone number you want to change and press Verify.

Step 4:

Google will also announce new code on the phone. You enter the new code to complete the process of changing the number.

3. How to delete a secure phone number on Gmail

Also visit the Phone section to change. Since you already have a phone number, you should select the pencil icon to delete the number.

Select the Delete phone number set up on Gmail.

So you’ve done the restoration work, delete and add the phone number on Gmail.

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