Gmail is a popular online email service, used by many people. Many people in need of work that own multiple Gmail emails and must regularly log into all of them. So login multiple Gmail accounts on your browser makes it much easier to handle multiple tasks and needs without losing time trying to sign out of this account to sign in to another account. But how to login multiple Gmail on the browser? will help you how to simply Gmail login with multiple accounts at the same time on a single browser. Please follow the steps below!

If you want to send email using Gmail, you must be logged in Gmail first, but the Gmail login must have accounts. As is known, Gmail is one of the best free email services today. At the same time, Google Mail is also a Google account that you register and use many gadgets on google. You can store up to 25GB of data with a very smart spam filter.


If you do not have an account, just sign up for Gmail, create a Gmail account through a few simple steps can be logged into Gmail to send email, if you do not know how to do, you can read this post.


To sign in Gmail, visit this link:

Then, enter the Gmail address: (Note: You can just enter the name before the @

Gmail login 1

You need to enter your account name correctly to avoid having Gmail login error.

Click Next, enter your Gmail password> Enter to login your Gmail account.

Gmail login 2

Step 3: After Gmail login successfully, the Gmail screen will display the interface as below.

Gmail login 3

So, you’ve successfully sign in Gmail. After login Gmail mailbox, you can send and receive Gmail easily.

How to sign in Gmail with multiple accounts

  • Step 1:

Sign in to your Gmail account on a certain browser.

  • Step 2:

Left-click on the avatar and select Add Account.

  • Step 3:

Once clicked, the link requesting a new Gmail account login appears. Enter the second account you want to use.

As such, we were able to log into multiple Gmail accounts at the same time as shown below.

  • Step 4:

After adding the Gmail account, click on the avatar you will see a list of Gmail accounts are using. If you want to use the account just click on that account in the list.

And You can still check your email, send a message, or do something like signing in to Gmail with a browser account. It’s simple and easy to do right!


After Gmail successfully signed in, your account now has information like composing new emails, inboxes, sent messages, drafts …

To Send Gmail, Compose You Compile You Do the Following:

# 1: Click on the word COMPOSE (or COMPOSE) – as shown below

# 2: (number 2 in the picture) you enter the email you want to send, here I will email to a person whose email address is:

# 3: Enter the mail header: Here you enter the mail header, summarize the main content of the mail

# 4: Enter the contents of the mail

# 5: Get the SEND button (or SEND)

Gmail login 4

To View Email You Do Following:

You click on SEND MAIL – as shown below:

This will display the email you have sent, you can review it by double clicking left on the email and viewing

To View INBOX You Do The Following:

You click on INBOX (Inbox) – as shown below:

Gmail inbox

This will display the email sent to you, you can open the email by double-clicking the left mouse button on the email and see, you can reply to read, reply to the email you received.

There’s a way for you to stay signed in to Gmail more than once to see if there’s an email or new message. That is, use Gmail Notifier.

With a single login on Gmail Notifier, when Gmail has new mail, Gmail Notifier will immediately notify you, and you can view the contents of the message on the Gmail Notifier.

In the process of using Gmail, a lot of people fall into the plight of spam (Daily receive a lot of spam from unknown Gmail accounts). It’s not difficult to block spam in Gmail, you just have to do some basic things to stop this situation.

E-mail is one of the services that help people communicate and work together, particularly with students. They often send and receive e-mails from teachers, friends, maybe CVs or application forms. It is also possible to report work by email, email business with partners, business cooperation letters… There is one thing that we do not attach importance to, especially the students. New graduate or new to work, that is the culture send and receive Email

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