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You are worried when you hit the email button with many mistakes with Gmail and are confused do not know how to “summon” it again? You are assured that Gmail has built-in “send back sent mail,” this is a very useful feature if you accidentally send an email to someone.

All you need to do is just enable this feature. Once activated, each email you send will have the Undo option to retrieve that email and stop sending it. This Undo button will display for a period of 5-30 seconds depending on your settings. If you do not know how to do so, you can refer to our guide below.

Step 1:

Log in to your Gmail account, click and select Settings.

Step 2:

In the Settings view, select the General tab and scroll down to Undo Send

Check the Enable Undo Send box

Select the time period in the Send cancellation period

Step 3:

You pull down the bottom of the page, click Save Changes to save changes

Step 4:

Please send any mail, when you press send to send, the Undo button will appear next to the message Your message has been sent. Please click on Undo to retrieve that mail.


From now on, whenever you send an email, you can block it and retrieve it by clicking the Undo button. Note that this Undo button is only visible during the time you install. After that period, you will have no way to retrieve your sent email.

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