How to backup Gmail email to OneDrive

Gmail is now a popular email sending and receiving service in the world. Therefore, there are many applications or software associated with Gmail to add new features when sending emails, as well as meet the user’s rich user needs.

In the process, if you want to back up Gmail to any cloud storage service, you can use the add-ons installed right in your browser. In this article, we’ll show you how to back up your Gmail to the OneDrive storage service, with the Save emails to OneDrive utility on your Chrome browser.

Step 1:

First you access the link below to come to the interface of Save emails to OneDrive on the Chrome browser.

At the interface, the user clicks the Add to Chrome button.

Step 2:

Continue to click the Add button to install Save emails to OneDrive for Chrome.

We will then get the message that the Save emails to OneDrive utility are installed and running in the background.

Step 3:

The next thing is to access your personal Gmail account. In the Gmail interface to use the gadget, click on Create Account.

Then, Google will ask the user what Gmail account to Save to OneDrive. Click on the account is logged in or use another account.

Next, we need to authorize the gadget to use some basic permissions with Gmail, click Allow.

Step 4:

Switch to the new interface, you need to sign in to OneDrive personal account.

Save emails to OneDrive also requires users to have access to their individual OneDrive account with the rights in the new interface, click Yes to agree.

Once everything is set up, Gmail and OneDrive are linked together through the Save emails to OneDrive utility.

Step 5:

Now go back to the look of your Gmail account. Access the email content you want to store on OneDrive. In the interface above there are custom buttons, click on Save to then select Save to OneDrive.

Step 6:

Appears the interface of folders on a OneDrive account. You can choose to save your email to a folder for easy management, or create a new folder and click the Save button below.

We will receive the Confirmation: Email saved email message is stored on OneDrive as a PDF file.

Step 7:

Click here in the message above to open the backup email in Word Online. You will see the content of the message backed up. Or when we access our One Drive account, we will also see the email file in PDF format. When you open the file will see the contents of the message as shown below.

Step 8:

Go back to the main interface on the email to optionally add some other features that the Save emails to OneDrive utility provide to users.

When you select one or more emails in the main interface will see the icon OneDrive in the toolbar above, with different options, including:

PDF: If you use this option, the email will save as individual PDF files even if multiple files are selected.

Merge all conversations into one PDF: We can merge multiple emails in one PDF.

Save only attachments: You can extract the attached e-mail attachments in the original format.

Depending on the needs of each person that we choose one of these three options for email when backing up to OneDrive.

So we can store Gmail email into OneDrive account, in PDF file format. In addition, the Save emails to OneDrive utility also gives users additional options with email files when saving them on OneDrive.

Wish you success!

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