How to rename your Gmail account

While Gmail is now the world’s most popular online email service, create Gmail account is something everyone else does. In the process of creating a Gmail account, we will be adding the name of the personal Gmail account, to distinguish it from other accounts.

How long have you used that Gmail account name? Have you ever renamed Gmail? Renaming your Gmail account is simple and easy. If we see your Gmail account name is out of date, want to change to a new name for Gmail please follow the article below.

How to change Gmail name:

Step 1:

You login Gmail account. At the interface click the gear icon and select Settings.

Step 2:

In the Settings interface, click on Accounts and Import. Then look below the Send mail as section, click the edit info button.

Step 3:

Appears a separate dialog interface. Please enter a new name in the box and tick to use this new name. Then click Save Changes to save the new name for Gmail.

A trick is simple and easy to do right ?! Having changed to a new name for Gmail, subsequent Gmail address accesses will see the new name appear instead of the old one.

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