Vacation reply feature on Gmail

Gmail is now one of the most popular mass mailing applications around the world. Anyone using Gmail is the primary way to communicate with friends, relatives or tools in exchange for business partnerships. However, it is not always possible to use online to answer any incoming email. The Vacation Answer autoresponder feature will help the sender know that we can not reply to the message and can be contacted in other ways. In this write, Network Administrator will guide users how to set up Vacation reply mode on Gmail.

Step 1:

First of all, you sign up for a personal Gmail account. At the main interface, click on the gear icon and select Settings.

Step 2:

In the General view, scroll down and select the Vacation responder item. Looking to the side, you ticked on the Vacation responder on to use the auto responder, when we can not reply to email immediately.

Step 3:

Next, also at that interface we will enter the start time using the automatic reply (Frist day), the title of the message automatically (Subject) and the content of the automatic reply (Message). You should add another contact method in the autoresponder so that the sender can contact you for emergencies.

In addition, we can also extend the use of the autoresponder when ticked on last day and enter the ending time there. Autoresponders will take effect from 12:00 AM on start date and end on 11:59 PM on end date.

Step 4:

Next, we can choose to only send to the contacts in the My only option, to set the content of this message to only those who are in the contact list. Finally, click Save changes below to save the changes.

Step 5:

Once we’ve saved this feature and returned to the main Gmail interface, we’ll see a yellow notification bar on top of the interface. Press End now to turn off automatic reply mode, Vactions settings to adjust your reply.

The end button now allows us to deactivate the autoresponder even when it is still in use. Mostly, an automated reply will be sent to the sender in the first email. Messages sent to Spam will not receive automated email replies.

With the Vacation responder feature on Gmail, you will not have to worry about interruptions while not being able to reply to emails sent by others. If you use Gmail as a means of exchanging work or the only tool to exchange, do not forget to use this feature.

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