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history of gmail

Gmail is one of the free email services that used by many people worldwide. Gmail can be accessed by the users on website or directly from Gmail application installed in the device. Immediately after launch of the services, Gmail has gained many attention from people worldwide. Its eye – catching interface, advanced features and higher storage capacity compare to the other competitors.

Since the storage capacity is considered much – much higher compare to the other competitors can offer. Microsoft’s Hotmail who offered 500 times lesser than Gmail, many people thought that it might be a really good hoax. But it turned out to be a wonderful dream come true.

Therefore, Gmail has become the dominant free webmail services that was able to replace the other major software at that time.

The Initial Story of Gmail

Gmail was created on April 1, 2004 by Paul Buchheit as a limited beta release. Actually, the work on Gmail has been started by Paul Buchheit since August 2001 in Google. Paul Buchheit himself is the 23rd employee in Google. Paul Buchheit started Gmail project from building a search feature for his own email.  It received many good feedbacks from the other engineers.

story of gmail
story of gmail

Initially, many people thought that his idea on building Gmail as a free webmail services was a very bad idea from both the strategic standpoint and a product. People thought that webmail services has nothing to do with search engine, the major focus of Google at the time. However, both Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google’s founders were very supportive to his idea.

Once the release of Gmail on April 1, 2004, it took for about five years for Gmail to do the testing phase until it finished on July 7, 2009. Until October 2019, Gmail has successfully attracted more than 1.5 billion active users from people worldwide.

The Development of Gmail Features

Initially, the storage capacity offered by Gmail is one gigabyte per user. This storage capacity has increased to 15 gigabytes nowadays. The size of email can be received by the user is up to 50 megabytes. While the size of an email can be sent by user is up to 25 megabytes. If the users want to send larger files, they can choose to attach files from Google Drive.

Because of its sophisticated features and modern interface, little by little the number of active users from Gmail surpassed Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, the two major incumbents at the time. From time to time, Google has worked hard to develop the features and the interfaces of Gmail in order to make it more accessible for its active users.

They have released a totally new interface design for Gmail mobile version with several new features. One of the major new interface designs is the users is able to see the attachments immediately without having to open the email first. There are also some new inbox features such as reminders, scheduled message, pinned messages, Smart Reply, email snoozing and many more.

All of those new features are very useful for the users.


Using Generator to Create Tons of Email
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Using Generator to Create Tons of Email

Using Generator to Create Tons of Email

Using Generator to Create

Using Generator to Create Tons of Email. You use email for almost everything on internet. Today, Gmail from Google becomes the top email provider that everyone can use without paying and subscription. You just visit an official website and register until verification is done. One email from this service is enough to access all Google services including your phone.

Having email has several benefits especially for business, company, and marketing. The issue is you need phone numbers when creating Gmail. Moreover, one number has limitation that means you must try other way to generate more emails. The solution is you use email generator that will associate with main account from Gmail. This process utilizes automatic procedure so that you receive many emails in short period.

How Does it Work?

The question is how this thing works and most people may end up in the wrong service. You often visit website such business or marketplace with several emails. The company uses a specific address to receive message and mail related to customer service, promotion, and other divisions. You may thing they have various email address from Gmail. That’s still possible for large business when everything must be in the right order. On the contrary, small companies only rely on one address with various extension. They generate several emails that look different but all messages will be received by single address.

In general, you may require paid subscription from Google that is dedicated for business. After paying fee, the company can create some emails as extension with various subjects. It looks like folder in your main account. When someone send message from that address, the content will be sorted automatically. Therefore, one Gmail can handle several emails simultaneously.

Is it Legit and Reliable?

You may consider another way to generate more emails. The service is website where you can obtain tons of email with distinct and unique address. All of them seem from different people and entity, but the message is still in single Gmail account. The question is why you must obtain them because managing many emails is not easy task. Usually, people from marketing take this idea and implements on their business. They generate emails from generator so that the business may have many employees that work on marketing and various departments. From legal perspective, it is grey area unless they use this one to do suspicious activities.

More emails mean the business looks legit as long as the profile is also original. Moreover, those emails are useful for testing the platform such as transaction and trading.

Company and Clients

Company acts as customers and clients with specific name and email address. Creating manually is less effective because you only waste resources such as phone number. On the contrary, those emails you get from generator will act as the platform receives more customers and members.

Based on previous explanation, you understand how this thing work and why use email generator for Gmail. One account is enough to get tons of email address. If you want more, use several legit Gmail. As long as the purpose does not violate terms and conditions, you will not receive warning.

How to Use Gmail for Chatting
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How to Use Gmail for Chatting

How to Use Gmail for Chatting

How to use Gmail

How to use Gmail for chatting, let us admit it that Gmail is the most popular email provider out there with more than 1 million users and counting. This fact is emphasized by the fact that Google ecosystem revolves around Gmail account. Your gmail is the key to access all services from Google. Gmail offers a lot of amazing features to make your emailing experience as smooth as possible, and on top of that this service is free.

If you have just made gmail account you can start to send and receive emails right away from your inbox. Gmail also has additional features such as spam protections, email search feature and chat.

Chat Feature From Gmail

We are going to focus on the chat feature from Gmail. Gmail chat also known as Google chat is the additional feature besides email which lets you talk to your contacts in real time. You don’t need to install additional application or software since this chat runs directly in your browser. You just need to log in to your gmail with your favorite browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. This chat is written in HTML and JavaScript along with server side programming language which is proprietary so it runs in your browser.

Follow the steps below to begin using chatting feature from Gmail right from your inbox. To start a new chat session hover your mouse under your email folders (beneath your Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, etc). You will see a little window or frame which shows “No recent chats” words written on it. Click the link which says “Start a new one”.

Chat Feature is Only Available for Gmail Users Only

After that a small window will open. Type the email address of the person you wish to talk to. Make sure you and the person you are going to chat with are already having Gmail account since this chat feature is only available for Gmail users only.

After you have typed the email address then click on the email address and click “Add to contacts” option.

When you click on the email address you can open chat window and start chatting. Besides sending text chats you can also send emoji and images. You can switch to video chat if you wish by clicking on the video camera icon on the top left window of your chat.

Group Hangout

If you wish to talk with more than 1 person in group you can do so by creating a group chat. This feature is called a group hangout. This name is made by Google to indicate video call between more than two people in single session.

To create a group call you can click on the person icon on the top right corner of your chat window. You can now interact to more than one person in a call. Make sure you have a good internet connection for the best chatting experience.

When you click on the setting icon on the right side of the person icon you will see option menu. You can tinker with this menu to edit your privacy settings such as archive conversation, block contacts, turn off notifications and delete your chat conversation. To close this option just click ok button and you will return to your main chat window.

Customize Your Chatting by Clicking on Your Name

You can customize your chatting by clicking on your name. Yourself can add a status which will be available for public to see. You can also show the last time you were seen online as well as mute notifications.

If you scroll down further you can also see more options such as edit your block list, archive conversations and sign out from your chat.

I hope this article can help you to use chat feature from Google to talk with your friends and family. Happy chatting!

Main Advantages of Using Gmail for Business
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Main Advantages of Using Gmail for Business

Starting a Business: What are the Main Advantages of Using Gmail for Business?

Main Advantages of Using Gmail

Main Advantages of Using Gmail for Business A starting company tends to have difficult time in managing cash flow. It still tries to reach the breakeven point that any spending that is considered non-essential should be forgotten. In this era, having an email address for a company is non-negotiable. Every company must be reachable through email. It really improves the business presentation and communication processes. Gmail offers several advantages that can aid starting business to thrive without breaking their bank.

  1. Simple Co-working Process

Collaborative process is an important thing within the company. Having this email address for business is making collaborative work very easy. Users can actually share files that they can collaborate to work on together. The file can be in .doc or .xls format. Everyone can edit the file on real time and it will automatically be saved into the storage. Anyone who has made changes into the file will be recorded. This feature especially makes remote working easier. Participants will receive change notifications on their emails.

  1. Significant File Storage Size

Another thing that will make people interested about using this service is its offering of significant file storage size. The storage for a Gmail business is 25GB. Such feature is very crucial, especially for companies that send files through email often. In conventional email, some emails might not be able to send out because the file attachment is too large. This also makes sure that a business can keep its correspondence record conveniently, even from years before.

  1. Ease of Customization for Business

One more thing that is great about having Gmail for business is customization feature. Users are able to change the domain name to their company name. It is going to make the business looking more professional. Another thing in Gmail features are adding sign at the end of each email. Some companies may create e-cards that contain their logos. That is a great marketing technique as it makes people recall the business’ brand a lot easier.

  1. Additional Applications

There are some additional applications that people love to use in extension of the Gmail. These apps are already available for every registered user. The most commonly used one is Calendar function. It is very helpful for organizing activities within the company. Everyone’s in the company can collaboratively manage their schedules. The video conference app is another feature that people use often when running this email. It is free and has interesting features such as screen sharing for virtual presentation.

  1. Synchronization of Varied Devices

The ease of synchronizing Gmail in various devices is helpful for business. Certain job positions may require the people to move around quickly. When the person leave their desktop computers or laptop behind, it is possible to access their business email through a mobile device. The synchronization even happen real time. It does not only related to the email but also other apps within the group.

Those are five interesting benefits to gain for using Gmail. A business may gain more when they add some more paid services. However, this can happen in gradual manner as the business sees that enhancement fits with what it needs at that moment.

Using a Checker to Manage Gmail Account? Why That Tool So Important?
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Using a Checker to Manage Gmail Account? Why That Tool So Important?

Using a Checker to Manage Gmail Account, an Important Tool for Better Management

Using a Checker to Manage

Using a Checker to Manage Gmail Account? Why That Tool So Important?. Gmail is an email product that sees a steady increase of users year by year. At the moment, it might the most used email platform in the world. Boosting fantastic number of users, it is understandable that there are several tools that can help manage one’s Gmail account. As an example, the Gmail checker. This tool provides aid for better email management. What are the functions of this tool and how it can aid a user in their daily and professional life?’

Email is used as a basic requirement to sign up in various websites. User who signs up using an email address to a certain website will receive a welcome mail. In addition, several times a month, there might be automated mails sent by the website. These mails can pile up inside the email owner’s inbox. It can even prevent them from seeing important emails on time. Luckily, the checker tool is able to delete automated email It makes the inbox looking cleaner

Mass Emailing Process

Another function that the checker has is to help with mass emailing process. Mass emailing is especially relevant in online marketing. Sometimes, a person needs to send email to hundreds or even thousands of people at once. There would usually be a list of email addresses to which the email will be sent to. In some cases, several addresses might be invalid or wrote improperly. The Gmail checker is able to delete the invalid email addresses. It is more convenient as sending emails to invalid addresses can lead to annoying automated email.

Sending email to large number of people also differs from sending email to one or two people. When user sends an email to a long list of recipients, the entire process may take few minutes. Sometimes, the email will be sent out according to certain schedule. Thus, the process can take up to thirty minutes. The checker tool can actually improves this situation by making the sending time briefer. It may take only seconds to send email to a massive address list.

Person’s Daily and Pprofessional Life

Email is an important system in the person’s daily and professional life. In the context of professional life, some people find it necessary to keep record on past correspondence in case there are issues that may arise in the future. This tool helps user to record their past correspondences. It will conserve the record in a safer manner. When the user needs to recover a certain mail, it is capable to that based on the date. In addition, it can also help a user to track email addresses in their list of correspondence.

Some users may have several Gmail addresses. It is more difficult to manage several email addresses at once. However, this tool ensures that it will not be the case. With this tool, users can have up to nine email addresses listed in the browser. It is going to show notification whenever an address has received incoming mail. This prevents user from losing chance to answer an email promptly. It is a really necessary tool  to have.

The Benefit of Having Gmail Account
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The Benefit of Having Gmail Account

The Benefit of Having Gmail Account

The Benefit of Having Gmail

The Benefit of Having Gmail Account. Nowadays, most people have Gmail account. They use it, whether for personal or business. The easy registration process and free use make people prefer having this.

Moreover, it is also safe to work with a Gmail account. Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with its features. Therefore, the following article will inform you about its advantages in brief.

Free Registration

Creating a Gmail account is free. You are not required to spend any money to enjoy this service. Yourself can create an account with a new username and password at no cost.

You can follow the registration guidelines. Make sure you do not share the password or security code provided for the new account.

Easy Access

It allows you to use more than one computer. By having its account, it enables you to access your email from any computer. Of course, you must have a good internet connection.

Moreover, you can access it from your mobile phone too. It is flexible for a mobile person. Thus, it does not tie you with only one device.

Get Google Account

If you are required to have a personal email, it is suitable to create an account on Gmail. So, you are not using your school email or office email for personal business.

Besides, if you have Gmail, you automatically have a Google account. In this way, it is easier for you to experience Google services. You can enjoy using Google Play Store too.

Through Play Store, you can install any application you need for your mobile phone. There are numerous applications available. Therefore, having a Gmail account is a must for Android Phone users.

More Storage Space

Gmail provides you with tons of space for your account. It can keep more messages. You do not need to spend time deleting your old email messages.

The email archive allows you to give more space to your email account. By saving it on the email archive, you can search for it anytime you need it. The free space is enormous and enough to store your old email.

Spam Filter

Your Gmail account has SPAM as one of its features. It is useful to filter any unwanted messages.

The steps are easy to do. By clicking on this button, it will automatically catch any incoming message for the sender. So, it can save your time from junk mail or unwanted messages.

Data Security

Google guarantees each user data security. Whether you use it for personal or communal, your data is safe. Nobody can access your personal information.

As well as other websites, Gmail applies HTTPS encryption to be part of its feature. This encrypted connection helps to secure your data.

Custom Signature

Recently, users can personalize their signatures. If you already have a Gmail account, you can set up your signature. The format allows you to include pictures as well as special formatting for your signature.

It enables you to set up signature as creative as you want. Signature is necessary because, through signature, people can remember you easily.