How to Use Gmail for Chatting

How to use Gmail

How to Use Gmail for Chatting

How to use Gmail

How to use Gmail for chatting, let us admit it that Gmail is the most popular email provider out there with more than 1 million users and counting. This fact is emphasized by the fact that Google ecosystem revolves around Gmail account. Your gmail is the key to access all services from Google. Gmail offers a lot of amazing features to make your emailing experience as smooth as possible, and on top of that this service is free.

If you have just made gmail account you can start to send and receive emails right away from your inbox. Gmail also has additional features such as spam protections, email search feature and chat.

Chat Feature From Gmail

We are going to focus on the chat feature from Gmail. Gmail chat also known as Google chat is the additional feature besides email which lets you talk to your contacts in real time. You don’t need to install additional application or software since this chat runs directly in your browser. You just need to log in to your gmail with your favorite browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. This chat is written in HTML and JavaScript along with server side programming language which is proprietary so it runs in your browser.

Follow the steps below to begin using chatting feature from Gmail right from your inbox. To start a new chat session hover your mouse under your email folders (beneath your Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts, etc). You will see a little window or frame which shows “No recent chats” words written on it. Click the link which says “Start a new one”.

Chat Feature is Only Available for Gmail Users Only

After that a small window will open. Type the email address of the person you wish to talk to. Make sure you and the person you are going to chat with are already having Gmail account since this chat feature is only available for Gmail users only.

After you have typed the email address then click on the email address and click “Add to contacts” option.

When you click on the email address you can open chat window and start chatting. Besides sending text chats you can also send emoji and images. You can switch to video chat if you wish by clicking on the video camera icon on the top left window of your chat.

Group Hangout

If you wish to talk with more than 1 person in group you can do so by creating a group chat. This feature is called a group hangout. This name is made by Google to indicate video call between more than two people in single session.

To create a group call you can click on the person icon on the top right corner of your chat window. You can now interact to more than one person in a call. Make sure you have a good internet connection for the best chatting experience.

When you click on the setting icon on the right side of the person icon you will see option menu. You can tinker with this menu to edit your privacy settings such as archive conversation, block contacts, turn off notifications and delete your chat conversation. To close this option just click ok button and you will return to your main chat window.

Customize Your Chatting by Clicking on Your Name

You can customize your chatting by clicking on your name. Yourself can add a status which will be available for public to see. You can also show the last time you were seen online as well as mute notifications.

If you scroll down further you can also see more options such as edit your block list, archive conversations and sign out from your chat.

I hope this article can help you to use chat feature from Google to talk with your friends and family. Happy chatting!

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